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Previously on TGS
Episode 3 – ‘Seeing the Worst, and Hoping for the Best’ with David Blevins

Episode 3 – ‘Seeing the Worst, and Hoping for the Best’ with David Blevins

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We are delighted to welcome David Blevins, senior Ireland Correspondent at Sky News, to The Good Summit podcast Keeping It Good. Throughout his time at Sky News, David has reported from 10 different countries, been nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for his coverage of the Omagh bombing (1998), and won commendation from both sides of the political divide in Northern Ireland for his balanced and impartial journalism. More recently, he has been reporting on how both Brexit and Covid–19 are impacting our lives. 


Quote by Senior Ireland Correspondent at Sky News David Blevins on the importance of having healthy conversations even with people you disagree with.


Outside of work, David has also actively volunteered with a humanitarian aid agency in East Africa. 

He is a key member of The Good Summit family, having participated in every Good Summit Ireland event to date!

David brings out the real stories from real people, and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us on our podcast!

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