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Episode 4 – ‘What it Takes to Make a Country GOOD’ with Simon Anholt

Episode 4 – ‘What it Takes to Make a Country GOOD’ with Simon Anholt

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Simon Anholt has worked with the presidents, prime ministers and governments of more than fifty nations, devising strategies and policies to help them to engage more imaginatively and productively with the international community. 

In 2014, Anholt founded the Good Country, a project aimed at helping countries work together to tackle global challenges like climate change, poverty, migration and terrorism, by mobilizing “the only superpower left on the planet: global public opinion.”


Quote by global strategist Simon Anholt on how we can shape a generation through education.


A best–selling author of many books, his latest release ‘The Good Country Equation’ is an incredible tour of the world and what it takes to make a country a country, and a world good.

Anholt is also a TEDx speaker with millions of views and an Honorary Professor of Political Science.

We are very excited to welcome Simon Anholt to The Good Summit podcast!

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