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Episode 6 – ‘Making Good Happen’ with Matt Callanan

Episode 6 – ‘Making Good Happen’ with Matt Callanan

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We are delighted to welcome the incredible Matt Callanan to #KeepingItGood. Matt is the founder of the growing movement We Make Good Happen, which is all about sparking the joy of human kindness.

His #Tenner4Good idea went viral around the UK where he hid £10’s in envelopes around his city with two rules: 1. Don’t spend it on yourself. 2. Do some good with the £10 – people did inspiring, creative and unexpected things with the Tenner4Good they found. 


Quote by We Make Good Happen founder Matt Callanan on the importance of gratitude.


Matt is a former global DJ, music producer, filmmaker, podcaster, coach, an international speaker, and a doer of good!

Matt is looking to inspire and encourage people to engage in small acts of kindness to help make the world a little bit happier.

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