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Watch TGS 2020
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Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer

Founders What The Hack

What the Hack for Good

Three Days to Change The World!
Interactive on-line Hack for Good


What The Hack is teaming up with the Good Summit to produce a challenge like no other – understand the barriers faced when companies aim to implement Socially Responsible practices.
And work to eliminate them!

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The Trinitones


Good Tunes with the amazing ‘The Trinitones’

A fine 'restricted' cohort of Trinity College finest Acapella Trinitones - they will sing several times during the day

It wouldn’t be The Good Summit at Trinity without them! They will be appearing throughout the day from the gorgeous (pre–recorded and socially distanced) Dining Hall of Trinity College … don’t go too far, we have them popping in throughout the day. We are indebted to the TCD Alumni office for arranging to share these beautiful and inspiring recordings

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Alan Rusbridger

Former editor The Guardian newspaper, Principal Lady Margaret Hall Oxford

9.30 - 10.45

Is the news Broken? And if it is, how do we fix it? Alan Rusbridger in Conversation with David Blevins

What's Good about fake news? How journalism can keep holding power to account in the world as it is.

Connect with the man who helped make Wiki–leaks a house–hold name by publishing them in the Guardian. A conversation on freedom, fake news, human rights and the possibility of a better world with a man who has been in the centre of it all.

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Aimée–Louise Carton

Co–Founder + CEO KeepAppy

11.00 - 11.30

Good Health – the story of KeepAppy

Aimée-Louise Carton

Founder and CEO of KeepAppy shares her passion, her story, and her incredible journey of helping young people with mental health struggles engage help through the world of technology.

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Marc Brackett

Director of the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence

11.30 - 12.30

Learning to Live with Yourself – giving yourself Permission To Feel. Prof Marc Brackett

How giving and using 'Permission to feel' can make humans more human, and the world a better place

Marc Brackett is the founder and director of the Yale centre for emotional intelligence. His work is centered on inviting people to recognise and restore their emotional selves. He connects brain science, social analytics, psychological research with his own experiences in order to pull us all toward a fuller sense of self and how the world can work when give ourselves – and each other – permission to feel.

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Ms Chen Lifang

President of the Public Affairs and Communications Huawei

12.45 - 13.15

Creating an open, diverse, and inclusive environment to bridge the gender digital divide

A keynote address given by Ms Chen Lifang, President of the Public Affairs and Communications Dept Huawei.

As one of the three women on the Board of Huawei, Madam Chen has experience of running against the groove of female leadership in the tech world. With men outnumbering women by three to one in the digital workspace in Europe, she recognises the importance of encouraging women to step up and lead, especially in ICT industries. Her talk with reflect her passion to see more females engaged in all levels of education and leadership, and to contribute equally to a future society which welcomes digital transformation of various industries and new emerging technologies.

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Geraldine Ruane

Chief Operating Officer, Trinity College Dublin

13.15 - 13.30

Good Leadership on the local level

Geraldine Ruane is currently one of Ireland's leading female C-level executives. With a passion for good leadership through relationships, she has led the way in her current role as COO of Trinity College Dublin, to develop new avenues and attributes for the university to thrive.

Geraldine is a advocate for responsible business practices that are sustainable and fair, and create opportunities for those on the margins. A strong believer in the importance of Team, this interview highlights what she thinks the road to success in responsible business is.

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Mary McAleese

Former President of Ireland, Chancellor Trinity College University of Dublin

14.00 - 15.00

Mary McAleese + Martin McAleese

A sit-down conversation with between Jools Hamilton and the former President of Ireland Mary McAleese and Dr Martin McAleese.

As one of Ireland’s most popular Presidents, Mary McAleese was witness to many changes on this island during her tenure as President. She led her country with a calm and dignified posture and a strong personal empathy. She is an award–winning Catholic academic, an author and she holds a licentiate and doctorate in Canon law.
Dr Martin McAleese was a practising dentist who later became a politician with a strong sense of advocating for marginalised voices and the search for peace in troubled lands around the globe.
Mary is currently Chancellor of Trinity College The University of Dublin, and Martin is Chancellor of Dublin City University.

Jools Hamilton has the privilege of sitting with them both and talking leadership, legacy, social compassion, and the search for a more fair, more peaceful and more just world.

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David Blevins

Ireland Correspondent at Sky News

15.00 - 16.00

Good Arts. A Panel discussion

A panel on the place of the Creative Arts, hosted by SKY Ireland's very own award winning journalist, David Blevins

A wide range of Ireland–based artists will join the discussion to ask about the centrality of the Arts in bringing about positive social transformation.

Can the Arts and the artists – visual, physical, spiritual, social, community–based, writers, directors, actors, and makers, really aim to bring about sustainable lasting change within our social realities? Is the pen, and the paintbrush, mightier than the sword? How can the poets be the prophets, and how can the actors be the activists in creating the Good world we all want to live in?

Join award winning artists – final lineup announced closer to the time – in how their passion and their work helps build the road ahead by making it.

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Jools Hamilton

Co–Founder The Good Summit + Chaplain In Residence Trinity College Dublin

16.00 - 16.15

Closing Ruminations

The Good Summit Co-Founder Jools sends us home with his typical humour, warmth and wisdom. No doubt, inviting us all to be part of a better world, and quite possibly making you wish it wasn't a whole year until we do it all again.
Maybe it won't be?

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Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer

Founders What The Hack

What the Hack for Good

Three Days to Change The World!
Interactive on-line Hack for Good


What The Hack is teaming up with the Good Summit to produce a challenge like no other – understand the barriers faced when companies aim to implement Socially Responsible practices.
And work to eliminate them!

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Jack Kavanagh

Inspirational Speaker & coach.

9.30 - 10.30

Schools webinar – In Conversation with Jack Kavanagh

A seminar on resilience and mental health with Coach + Speaker Jack Kavanagh

Visit Jack’s Website

A conversation on our place in this world and our responsibility to and for each other in this world with a young man who is inspiring thousands of people around the globe with his speaking, podcasting and documentary.

In conversation with Brendan Tangney (TCD) Jack will share his story of being in an accident while at university that left him wheelchair bound, and how he now lives without boundaries. Jack lives with purpose, integrity and courage from the inside out, and calls young people toward resilience and strength through his coaching programs.

This live webinar will include chances for Q+A with Jack, and will provide great material for class discussion and follow up after the live event has ended.

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Jim Breen

Founder + Exec Chair, Pulse Learning. Founder, Cycle Against Suicide, I AM HERE

10.45 - 11.45

Schools Seminar. A Good Life – Living Whole.

A pre-recorded seminar for young people with Jim Breen, Carole Ann Clarke and special guests on issues of positive mental health.

“It’s OK not to be OK, and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help” …

What is tough about understanding and living this simple and important message for young people? Founder + CEO of ‘I Am Here Tribe’ Jim and CEO Carole Anne Clarke will be joined by surprise guests to discuss and educate on the wholeness of life and the possibility for living full!
The issues of nourishing a strong mental health seem more important now more than ever. What does it mean to be ‘Good’ to yourself? Good to the world, and to those around you? Can we better care for each other, and for ourselves?

This will be a pre–recorded seminar recorded amongst young people, and will be a brilliant resource for classrooms and youth groups to follow up these vital issues.

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Gareth Presch

Founder and CEO of the World Health Innovation Summit

12.00 - 12.55

Schools Seminar – Sustainable Development Goals and the next generation

A schools based seminar on the issues and actions needed by young people in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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A schools based seminar on the issues and actions needed by young people in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better world.

Founder of World Health Innovation Forum and Special Advisor to UNSGI Gareth Presch leads a seminar on how young people can create sustainable impact in line with the better world envisioned through the UN SDGs.

What are my human rights, and how do those rights impact my responsibilities as a human? How can I make any significant change / decisions when I’m only a teenager? Why do I want to care about a better world for all – why does it matter to me!?

Join the seminar and hear discussion on these questions and more, as we look to the young people of today to help give the HOPE for a better world.

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Ainé O’Gorman

Activist & Environmentalist

13.00 - 13.45

A Good ecology for the Critters!

A pre-recorded seminar for young people with climate activist Aine OGorman (Friends of the Earth) & Dublin's Spider-Man himself, Collie Ennis.

Collie Ennis is opening the doors of The Critter shed! Since he cannot bring any critters to TGS this year, we are going to him. Aine + Collie will check out the spiders, snakes and many other critters that Collie uses to educate us all, and will have conversation the world we are handing on to our young people. Reliance on fossil fuels, rising levels of pollutants, increased habitat destruction and wild–life devastation in places all point to a poor score card for the generations ahead of this one.

However, can the Covid–19 crisis show us anything about how to operate within a disaster? Have we learnt anything about what we can do to make lasting sustainable changes? Is it too late, or is there Hope in environmental activism?

Come into the Critter Shed with Collie + Aine and listen to this pre–recorded seminar and use for classroom / discussion starter / call to action.

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Deirdre Mortell

CEO – Rethink Ireland

14.00 - 14.55

ReThink Ireland. A panel discussion

A panel discussion on 'The role and impact of philanthropy as we create the new normal' hosted by head of ReThink Ireland, Deirdre Mortell

Jamie Heaslip's Profile Image

Jamie Heaslip

Executive and Leadership Coach in high Performance and wellbeing. Former professional rugby player.

15.00 - 15.45

Good Converstion, with Jamie Heaslip

A lively and entertaining conversation with one of Ireland’s best known international rugby players. After retiring from rugby due to injury, Jamie has embarked upon many avenues of interest, and none more so fascinating than a recognition life is constantly changing and needing to be re–evaluated. Join the conversation between Jools and Jamie and learn just how much Jools loves his beloved Ulster rugby team!

Malcom Turnbull 's Profile Image

Malcom Turnbull

Former Prime Minister of Australia

16.00 - 16.55

Malcom Turnbull in conversation

A conversation between former Prime Minister of Australia Malcom Turnbull and Australian social activist Tim Costello

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As CEO of World Vision Australia Tim would regularly have harangued Malcom CEO of Australia (!) on behalf the global + local poor. What really happens in the corridors of power concerning how ‘the other half live?’ ‘What does it mean to care for your neighbour in these days – is there such a thing as neighbour in todays globalized context?’ ‘What are the rights and responsibilities of those in power toward the powerless?’ ‘Is there such a thing as Hope for common good in the western imagination today?’

These and other topics will form an enlivening conversation on leadership, social + community transformation, integrity and Hope for today.”

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Matt Callanan

Founder, We Make Good Happen

18.00 - 19.00

Later Good Conversation

An amazing opportunity to connect with Matt and Andrea Callanan as we host a live conversation between them and other Good Summit guests.

Matt Callanan has been a staunch supporter of The Good summit from the beginning, and we love him for it!
This time, because of Covid restrictions, we cannot bring Matt to Dublin, so we are doing the next best thing and bringing some of our guests to Matt.
Matt’s wife Andrea is an amazing coach and entrepreneur, and she will be joining the chat – and we hope you do too!

Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer's Profile Image

Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer

Founders What The Hack

What the Hack for Good

Three Days to Change The World!
Interactive on-line Hack for Good


What The Hack is teaming up with the Good Summit to produce a challenge like no other – understand the barriers faced when companies aim to implement Socially Responsible practices.
And work to eliminate them!

Linda Hogan 's Profile Image

Linda Hogan

Former VP Trinity College + Ethicist, Professor of Ecumenics

12.00 - 12.55

The Ethics of Covid–19

A joint initiative between Trinity College, The Carnegie Council for Ethics Global Ethics day, and The Good Summit, this panel will bring important discussion on the Ethics surrounding Covid-19,

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The Ethics of the COVID Pandemic brings immunologist Luke O’ Neill, ethicist Linda Hogan and World Vision’s Global Humanitarian Director Justin Byworth together to debate some of the ethical challenges raised by COVID–19. Chaired by Lynn Scarff (Director of the National Museum of Ireland) the panel will consider issues of access to treatment, the development, testing and roll–out of vaccines, issues of inequality and justice, and the balancing of individual autonomy with the public good.

Conor McGinn & Stevie's Profile Image

Conor McGinn & Stevie

Professor of Engineering, Director RICI project

13.00 - 14.00

Robots For Good

A discussion run in coordination with Tech For Good Dublin, and the School of Computer Science TCD. Featuring in particular Dr Conor McGinn + Steve the robot!

Can AI deliver what it is promising? Is the world in danger? In what ways is AI developing to meet the challenges of the modern world in a way that meets the common good? Where is the HOPE for social transformation through AI – is technology advancing life for the Good of All?
These questions and more will form the basis of this important event concerning the place of technology in a better world for all!

Tumi Gaonwe 's Profile Image

Tumi Gaonwe

Student, living in Direct Provision

14.00 - 15.15

Global Ethics Day symposium on The Ethics of Direct Provision

A conversation centring on the realities of Direct Provision in Ireland. Hosted by Prof Gillian Wylie, TCD

The ethics of the Direct Provision system in Ireland are discussed by social entrepreneur Louisamay Hanrahan @letshelpdirectprovision, Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Dr Fintan Sheerin and student and resident of a Direct Provision Centre, Tumi Gaonwe. The conversation will be led by Prof. Gillian Wylie of TCD School of Ecumenics.
The speakers share their experience and knowledge of the living conditions set up for asylum seekers in Ireland, including issues around access to education and the effects and risks of COVID–19 for those living in Direct Provision Centres.

Lord Maurice Glasman's Profile Image

Lord Maurice Glasman

Founder of Blue Labour and Life Peer at House of Lords, Westminster

15.45 - 16.45

Ethics of Common Good – is there such a thing?

This panel conversation hosted by Good Summit Co-Founder Jools Hamilton will bring together Canadian author Alan Roxburgh and UK peer Lord Maurice Glasman (The Common Good Foundation)
with Jenny Sinclair (Director, Together for the Common Good) to discuss how our lived experience of western consumer capitalism needs to be challenged.

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This conversation will delve into realities of modern western life, and ask questions that surround the search for values of Goodness in this rat–race. With decades of cumulative experience in social activism and cultural transformation between them, this is a high powered panel of vision and possibility. Do not miss the chance to watch a conversation on how the world can live with practices and habits of positive transformation that challenge how we inhabit our economics, our work and our shared life.

Tim Costello's Profile Image

Tim Costello

Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia: ‘Working with governments and corporates for good.’

17.00 - 18.00

In Conversation with Tim Costello

Global poverty and political activist Tim Costello in conversation with Jools Hamilton on Life, Leadership, Trump and Hope.

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Tim Costello is an Australian legend in social activism. Recently retired from heading up World Vision Australia (WV being the biggest children’s charity in the world), Tim is no less vocal ‘in retirement’ about what the world needs. He inspires us to think about how we can – and should – have a reasonable hope for relationally driven understandings of what we can be with + for each other in the challenges we face together.

Leyla Karaha's Profile Image

Leyla Karaha

Social Enterprise ecosystem facilitator

19.00 - 20.30

Social Enterprise Networking Event

A 'YourY' and 'Irish Social Entrepreneurs' networking gathering for those engaged in, or who want to be engaged in. social enterprise. Social enterprise solves social problems by seeking sustainable solutions that make positive impact to the challenges we see around us

This networking opportunity grounded by Leyla Karaha and Chris Gordon is a chance to connect with like–minds and be fed by like–hearts.
Originally from Tanzania, Leyla Karaha is the founder of YourY Network, a global growing community of social entrepreneurs who aim to sustainably share community–building actions for the work they carry out.
Chris Gordon is CEO of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, and is a familiar face + friend to The Good Summit. He is one of Ireland’s most recognisable operators in the field of social enterprise. Together, Chris and Leyla will facilitate an amazing gathering (most likely online – perhaps in person) to connect you to others, and re–connect you with your passion for socent!

Keep in touch - new speakers added daily