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Patrick Prendergast's Profile Image

Patrick Prendergast

Provost & President, Trinity College

9.30 - 10.45

The Good Morning Session

‘It was the best of times it was the worst of times’ - Our Theme 2019.

We will be kicking off The Good Summit 2019 with challenge and inspiration for Dublin, Ireland, and the wider world on key issues facing society today including education, mental health, homelessness and the challenge of social transformation.

It will be a morning to get the mind + heart engaged with issues that will be discussed in our other streams throughout the rest of the day.

With Patrick Prendergast, Simon Anholt, Claire Lyons-Collins + Mark McGreevy

The Secret Millionaire's Profile Image

The Secret Millionaire

A successful business–person and leading Irish philanthropist and activist

11.00 - 12.15

‘Ireland’s Secret Millionaire’

Time in the armchair with one of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs who featured in 'The Secret Millionaire' TV show and is using his resources for Good around this island and beyond. Hear the story, ask your questions!

But that’s not all - our secret millionaire will be joined by RTE sports pundit Brent Pope, who will share his own experience of charitable work and what it's like to pursue purpose. Of course, there may also be some talk about the Irish rugby team if you ask him!

With Brent Pope + one of Ireland's 'Secret Millionaires'

Simon Anholt's Profile Image

Simon Anholt

Founder of the Good Country, Honorary Professor of Political Science and Author

13.30 - 14.45

The Search for a better world?

What do our panel of experts see in their experience that is making the difference around the globe through positive social impact?

Where is positive impact being seen in Ireland + around the globe? What steps are individuals / companies / governments taking to be more socially responsible and how can each of us play our part? Where and how can we join in to make world a more fair, just, sustainable, and 'Good' place?

Join the conversation with practitioners in the field who are raising the right questions, and helping to discover the answers to a better world.

With Simon Anholt, Deidre Mortell, Brett Bruen + Matt Callannan

Kathleen O’Toole's Profile Image

Kathleen O’Toole

Deputy Director, Trinity Access Programme – bringing third level education to marginalised young people

15.00 - 16.15

Breaking Boundaries in Education – Including the Excluded

Kathleen O’Toole will be representing the Trinity Access Programme (TAP) - a programme which supports people from areas with low progression rates to higher education and help them in reaching their full educational potential.

Michael Shevlin and Hugo MacNeil will be representing the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID) - a department within the School of Education that offers a level 5 certificate in Arts, Science, and Inclusive Applied Practice for students with Intellectual Disabilities.

These wonderful humans join together in leading a seminar on groundbreaking education amongst some of Ireland’s most marginalised groups.

With Kathleen O'Toole, Michael Shevlin, Hugo MacNeill, and student guests from TAP + TCPID

Trevor Ringland MBE's Profile Image

Trevor Ringland MBE

Founder, One Small Step. Former Ireland and British & Irish Lions rugby player

16.30 - 17.45

When Good Sport goes great!

Sport is healthy and enlivening for us all - but it can also help to cross boundaries, heal divisions and be a force for ‘good’ - join the conversation on how!

Hear about using sport to fight racism in Ireland, and hear from international rugby players who have used their cross-border friendship to build bridges between communities.

With Amina Mustafa, Trevor Ringland + Hugo MacNeill

Liam Cunningham's Profile Image

Liam Cunningham

Actor and Activist

19.30 - 21.30

Evening Croi: Special Guests, Music + Inspiration

Special guests, music + conversation to make sure you go home from The Good Summit feeling raised up, challenged and inspired!

The End …

… or is it? Listen out for details of a surprise after-show!

With The Trinitones, Liam Cunningham, Luke O'Neill, Iseult Ward + more

Mark McGreevy 's Profile Image

Mark McGreevy

CEO Depaul International – one of the world’s largest homeless charities.

11.00 - 12.15

Homelessness: Global Crisis, Local Shame?

Homelessness, in one form or other, affects 1.4 billion people around the world with over 100 million people literally living on the streets of our towns and cities.

In this seminar we examine homelessness from a global perspective, explore its causes and focus on some of the practical and systemic responses aiming to address this issue. We then ask the question what is happening in Ireland + what can be done to end homelessness here?

With Mark McGreevey (CEO of Depaul International), David Carroll (CEO of Depaul Ireland), Dame Louise Casey + Josh Littlejohn from The World's Biggest Sleepout

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Pio Smith

Chief of Staff at UNFPA (United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency).

13.30 - 14.45

The UN SDGs + Me

‘What do the sustainable development goals of the United Nations mean for every day folks like us?’ - and how they have been rolled out within Ireland?

Pio Smith, Chief of Staff at the UNFPA, will be leading a conversation around how everyone can get involved in working towards the SDGs set by the UN to make the world a better place for all - and for good!

With Pio Smith + Rúairí de Búrca

Máirín Murray's Profile Image

Máirín Murray

Digital Innovator and Implementor, CEO of Digital Doddle and Co–founder of Tech for Good Dublin.

15.00 - 16.15

Tech for Good

Tech can be a force for good: due to becoming ever more ubiquitous and affordable, it is increasingly being used as an instrument for social impact. Come along and be inspired about the positive ways in which Tech is changing us, and changing the world.

Hear about the ‘Tech For Good’ movement, and listen to how corporates and social enterprises alike are using technology to bring education, health and employment to new heights..

With Máirín Murray, Amr Dawood, Rónán Ó Dálaigh + Talitha Holzer

Iseult Ward 's Profile Image

Iseult Ward

Co–founder and CEO FoodCloud

16.30 - 17.45

Good Social Enterprise

Experience and learning from honest to goodness practitioners in Ireland’s fast growing social enterprise scene. This panel is being run in conjunction with TCD Business School on the emergence and importance of social enterprises in today’s complex world.

With TCD Business School, Amr Dawood, Matt Callanan, Iseult Ward and Dave Linton

Moira Horgan's Profile Image

Moira Horgan

Head of Marketing, Business in the Community Ireland

11.00 - 12.15

Diversity + Equality in the Workplace

A Business in the Community Ireland Panel on what it means to value and practice equality in the workplace.

Come and listen to an exciting panel of experts who are creating real difference in workplaces in Ireland through on-the-ground experience of diversity, i.e, supporting people with disabilities, refugees, migrant communities. Join in the discussion of who is doing what to live and breathe diversity in their workplaces every day.

With Moira Horgan, Pat Buckley, Alison Payne + Maeve McMahon

David Blevins's Profile Image

David Blevins

Ireland Correspondent at Sky News

13.30 - 14.45

What’s Going on up North?!?

The Priest,
The Press,
The Player,
+ The Police

Our panellists get together to hold a conversation on relationships and common ground amongst those striving for ‘good’ in the north of this beautiful island.

Some would say there is a lot of tension, strengthening of extreme viewpoints, indecision and rudder-less leadership in NI - with things perhaps about to get more fraught (?) … where is the hope, common ground, and goodness being found?

With Fr Martin Magill, David Blevins, Trevor Ringland + Tim Mairs

Deirdre Mortell's Profile Image

Deirdre Mortell

CEO – Social Innovation Fund Ireland

15.00 - 16.15

Social Innovation: Stories of Transformation and Challenge

Deirdre Mortell, CEO of Social Innovation Fund Ireland, will be leading the conversation around how her company is finding and backing innovative solutions to critical social issues in Ireland, by joining together companies that wish bring their values alive.

Joining Deirdre will be two two of the leading donors for Social Innovation Fund Ireland, alongside inspiring leaders from some of their projects. Come along to learn what is being done, and even draw some inspiration to set you up for creating a positive story of your own!

With Deirdre Mortell, Declan Black (managing partner at Mason Hayes & Curran's), Patty Clement (EU Chief Operating officer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch), John Logue (CEO of Suas) + other guests.

Linda Doyle 's Profile Image

Linda Doyle

Dean of Research Trinity College, The University of Dublin

16.30 - 17.45

Researching The Future: research for the 90%

A discussion led by Professor Linda Doyle to inspire & inform us concerning the best of what’s happening in modern research, to meet the needs of the wider societies in search of more ‘good.’
How can research be carried by - and carried out for the majority of the world’s population?

David Dickinson's Profile Image

David Dickinson

Founder, Unlike Minds

11.00 - 17.45

Programme Run+Developed by WHIS

The series of panels presented in our ‘Good Space 4’ programme has been developed by the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS), building on their successful ‘Health Stream’ run during the inaugural 2019 Good Summit.

This year’s focus is on the ever increasing importance of information and meaning–making for guided self–care and well–being.

The speakers will present their ideas for approximately 15 minutes and will then be joined by a panel of three experts to respond to questions from the audience.

Host for the day - David Dickinson

Dr Amir Hannan's Profile Image

Dr Amir Hannan

Chair, World Health Innovation Summit

11.00 - 12.15

The Partnership of Trust

Dr Amir Hannan is chair of the World Health Innovation Summit and a renowned innovator in strategies that empower patients to participate in their own healthcare.

Through his work as a GP in a busy inner–city practice, he has demonstrated the proven return on investment when people are empowered by the medical profession to take more control of their health and well–being.

Amir refers to his approach to general practice as establishing and maintaining a “partnership of trust”

Ivor Cummins (Health + Wellbeing broadcaster)
Rob Hall (X-Tention)
Bryan Hurley (Director, Digedu)


Dr Clíona Ní Cheallaigh's Profile Image

Dr Clíona Ní Cheallaigh

Physician and Part–time Associate professor, Trinity College Dublin

13.30 - 14.45

Inclusion Health

The “partnership of trust” is also key to Clíona’s Inclusion Health programme.

As a physician and associate professor at Trinity College Dublin, she provides innovative healthcare services for the people in Dublin who fall outside the system: often homeless with a history of drug use, sometimes presenting with multiple chronic physical and mental problems.

Clíona’s programme continues to demonstrate a return on investment, significantly reducing the disproportionate demand these patients would otherwise make on her hospital’s resources.

Prof. Michael Gill (Head, TCD School of Medicine)
Ray Cullen (Founder, Ask Tom)
Sarah Jane Hogan (Interim CEO, AnyMan)


Rebecca Torrance Jenkins's Profile Image

Rebecca Torrance Jenkins

Academic Lead, Neurofiles Project

15.00 - 16.15

Neuroscience–informed Learning and Self–care

Healthcare, well–being and learning go hand in hand. Rebecca’s post–doctoral research into the relationship between neuroscience, learning and teaching has led to some impressive breakthrough results in schools.

Rebecca will share how children, given an understanding of how their brains function, working with teachers committed to teaching differently, learn more effectively and more efficiently. She will also share how she has recently broadened her research to parenting informed by neuroscience.

Aimee Carton (CEO, KeepAppy)
Dr Loren Duffy, (Psychologist, TCD)
Leemore Butler (Owner, Holistic Nurture)


Sean Hawkshaw's Profile Image

Sean Hawkshaw

CEO of KBI Global Investors, Ireland

16.30 - 17.45

Investing in Self–care Innovation

The innovations discussed above and their potential returns are outside the funding framework of traditional healthcare provision – which is already under–resourced to undertake its given role.

As such, we must look to other forms of investment to pilot them. So our fourth speaker is Sean Hawkshaw, CEO of KBI Global Investments in Ireland, a big supporter of the UN Strategic Development Goals.
He sits on the Irish Investment Board and is keen to explore financial innovations such as the role of social impact investing.

Dr Amir Hannan (Chair, WHIS)
Poonam Balan (Founder and CEO, Tacthub)
David John Kerr

Quentin Crowley's Profile Image

Quentin Crowley

Professor of Geology, TCD

11.00 - 12.15

Environmental Engagement

Conversation and clarity on the best of what is happening around Ireland and beyond to meet environmental challenges facing the planet and understand how we can join in.

What are some of the local challenges in environment and climate?
Join the conversation on these and other vital environmental issues. Hear experiences of local activism, how to plan it / get involved / make it successful / celebrate it. And also meet the guy who is behind ‘The Critter Shed’ (no.1 nature podcast in the US this September ) and ask nicely to see some of the Critters he might bring with him...!

With Professor Quentin Crowley, Áine O’Gorman, + Collie Ennis


Tangent – Trinity’s Ideas Workspace's Profile Image

Tangent – Trinity’s Ideas Workspace

13.30 - 17.45

SDG Hackathon using Design Thinking

Facilitated by Dan Rogers and Dr Sonam Banka, this SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Hackathon will provide a platform for multiple disciplines to learn about + collaborate on projects that address our societal challenges using the established framework of Design Thinking.

These challenges may include climate change, food security, migration and conflict. Design thinking has its roots in industrial design and engineering, but borrows from a variety of disciplines, including ethnography, computer science, psychology, organisational learning and business.

Participants will get to explore these problems from alternative perspectives, how they might impact their own discipline, and how their discipline might inform the solution. To achieve this, participants will work within multidisciplinary teams on projects that are not necessarily aligned to their area of expertise.

With Dan Rogers + Sonam Banka

PLEASE NOTE: participation in this Hackathon needs to be pre–registered due to capacity limits. To sign up, fill out the form below:

Sign Up

‘'s Profile Image

9.00 - 19.00

The Good Summit Market Space

The Good Summit Market Place is about shaking hands, showing products, and sharing ideas in the realm of Good work for the world!
Below are the organisations & projects which are going to be with us on the day.

The Market Space will be located within Good Space 2 in the Front Square and it will run from 9am-7pm. Attendees will be able to interact with the Market Space exhibitors between the seminars taking place in venue 2.

Depaul Ireland's Profile Image

Depaul Ireland


Depaul is a cross-border charity supporting some of the most marginalised individuals, couples and families experiencing homelessness. Homelessness, in one form or other, affects 1.4 billion people around the world with over 100 million people literally living on the streets of our towns and cities. Depaul’s mission is to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it. The work they do is of crucial importance - since the group was founded in 1989 it has grown to become one of the largest homelessness charities in the world.

World Vision Ireland's Profile Image

World Vision Ireland

World Vision Ireland

World Vision Ireland is a child-centred overseas aid agency. We provide clean water, quality education, and improved healthcare and sanitation to over 120 million children, across nearly 100 countries worldwide. World Vision has impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty, including disaster relief, ongoing crisis support, advocacy and education, and community development.

FoodCloud's Profile Image



Globally, 30% of food produced is wasted while over 1bn people are living in food poverty. To help tackle this problem, FoodCloud offers an innovative business model that connects businesses with surplus food to charities that need it.

Since 2014, FoodCloud has partnered with over 3,200 retail stores across the UK and Ireland including Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose and Musgraves, donating surplus food through its software platform. The equivalent of 1.2m meals or €1.5m in savings to charities is being donated through the platform every month.

Madlug's Profile Image



Madlug is a social enterprise founded by Dave Linton. Previously a Youth Worker, Dave was distressed to realise that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in a bin bag. In response, Dave decided to set up Madlug and came up with his ‘Buy one Give one’ approach: with every bag you purchase, one will be given to a child in care.

SEACRIFOG + SmartBog Projects's Profile Image

SEACRIFOG + SmartBog Projects

SmartBog and SEACRIFOG projects

The SmartBog and SEACRIFOG projects are utilising an interdisciplinary approach to better understand the impacts of climate change on food security and the resilience and adaptive capacity of natural systems across the atmospheric, terrestrial and oceanic domains. These projects draw on expertise from the natural and social sciences, engineering, computer science and business sectors to develop the toolkits required to monitor impacts in a manner that can be used by key stakeholders to implement change.

KeepAppy's Profile Image



KeepAppy is a wellness app co-founded by Aimee Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims. The app offers a multi-featured wellness toolkit using proven tools recommended by psychologists that can fit right into users pocket. Empowering and helping people to take control of their emotional wellbeing is the core of their mission - and KeepAppy employ a one-for-one model whereby for each subscription bought, one will be donated to someone who cannot afford it.

Social Innovation Fund Ireland's Profile Image

Social Innovation Fund Ireland

Social Innovation Fund Ireland

Keep in touch - new speakers added daily