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Watch TGS 2020
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How [NOT] to speak: 30th SEP 2021 10am–11am


A Positive Mental Health Seminar with Trish Murphy (Director of Student Counselling Service, TCD) and Jacki Fox (bereaved parent, social activist, campaigner for Coco’s Law) focusing on issues of online bullying, positive mental resilience and how one parent has had to learn to deal with real life heartbreak and loss. 

  • Trish Murphy

    Trish Murphy

    Director of Student Counselling Service, TCD

  • Jacki Fox

    Jacki Fox

    Bereaved parent, social activist, campaigner for Coco’s Law

“Never mind the B******s here’s the science!”: 14th OCT 2021 10am–11am


Professor Luke O’Neill (TCD) + guest presenter addressing the question, ‘What did we learn from 2020?’ and inviting questions from your school’s pupils on anything from vaccinations to decease to the environment to staying safe and well – listen to and learn how science is helping the world be more GOOD. 

  • Professor Luke O’Neill

    Professor Luke O’Neill


“An Ireland for GOOD”: 27th OCT 2021 9.45am–11am


Pupils from NI + ROI in conversation with senior government ministers (names will be released closer to the time due to security issues etc., but trust us, we have the top people taking part in this webinar). Decision–making politicians from both sides of the border will chat together and take questions from school pupils to discuss the Ireland young people want to see. What would your pupils want to discuss – what matters to young people all over this island? What would they want to tell politicians? Sign up and send your questions! 

This is a live webinar from Trinity College, Speakers will be able to join remotely should travel be restricted for any reason.

This seminar is about connecting young people from up to 50 schools (up to 5k pupils) across the island (NI + ROI) with the politicians who make decisions that directly impact their lives and futures. Politicians will be invited to share their thoughts on the island the pupils will inherit as adults, with a primary activity being the invitation of questions from the pupils themselves concerning the island they want to see. 

Many questions and comments will be gathered in advance to allow those participating to gauge what the pupils want to hear about. It is suspected the issues addressed will align with reports in the last decade that point to issues of the environment, lack of trust in political institutions, future economic realities, technology, mental health and global health. 

Hosted by David Blevins SKY Ireland Correspondent 

  • David Blevins

    David Blevins


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