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Aimée–Louise Carton - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Watch TGS 2020
Aimée–Louise Carton's Profile Image

Aimée–Louise Carton

Co–Founder + CEO KeepAppy

Aimée–Louise is one of the most impactful young female social entrepreneurs in Ireland. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Amsterdam, and now CEO fof the company she co–founded. 

Following a long history of mental illness, Aimée almost took her life on the bridge beside her house in 2017, however her life was saved by a helpline volunteer and her beautiful dog Aura. Since then, Aimee has been on a mission to provide access to preventative care for the 2 in 3 individuals who are suffering from a mental illness but will never seek help. She is determined to stop anyone else from walking up onto a bridge like she did.

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