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Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer - Speakers - The Good Summit
Watch TGS 2020
Watch TGS 2020
Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer's Profile Image

Sophie Benoit + Caitlin Hafer

Founders What The Hack

Sophie is on a mission to make the world more social! She facilitates numerous events that promote the circular economy in various industries. Passionate about innovation and problem solving she knows we will improve our society by using human knowledge alongside new technologies.Sophie is the co–founder of  What The Hack. What The Hack creates hackathons focused on bridging the gap between sustainability and economics to radically improve the world. In two short days.Caitlin:


Caitlin is a marketing strategist and theatre producer originally from the US and now based in Dublin.

She spent the last 15 years honing my creativity, leadership, and problem–solving skills as a performing artist and producer. Think of it as running a startup with a new product every 3 months! I bring these same skills to digital marketing and start–up realms to find new solutions to old problems and spot under utilised connections.

Now she’s putting those skills to use as a marketing head and cofounder of two startups here in Dublin.

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