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Matt Callanan - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Previously on TGS
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Matt Callanan

Founder, We Make Good Happen

Matt is the founder of the growing movement We Make Good Happen, which is all about sparking the joy of human kindness.

It all kickstarted after filmmaker Matt was cameraman on a documentary about social causes for US TV with George Clooney. He ended up becoming inspired behind the camera by George and then randomly got to meet his ultimate hero while in George’s house. Feeling lucky, on the way home, he bought a lottery scratch card for the first time. He scratched off the numbers…

What happened next was the start of a magical series of amazing events.

What started as a personal project to complete 403 good deeds, then grew into a collective movement to achieve 1 million good deeds around the world. 

His #Tenner4Good idea went viral around the UK where he hid £10’s in envelopes around his city with two rules: 1. Don’t spend it on yourself. 2. Do some good with the £10.

People did inspiring, creative and unexpected things with the Tenner4Good they found. The idea has been picked up around the world with people in France, America and Australia hiding their own money with the same two rules. Russell Howard also invited Matt on his Good Deeds TV show, with Russell then hiding 100 Tenner4Good around the place and also encouraged his viewers to do the same.

Matt is looking to inspire and encourage people to engage in small acts of kindness to help make a world a little bit happier.





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