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David Blevins - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Previously on TGS
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David Blevins

Ireland Correspondent at Sky News

David Blevins is Ireland Correspondent at Sky News. In the 22 years he has worked for the network, David has reported from 10 different countries, been nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for his coverage of the Omagh bombing (1998) and won commendation from both sides of the political divide in Northern Ireland for his balanced and impartial journalism.

David reported the brokering of the Good Friday Agreement (1998), the decommissioning of IRA weapons and establishment of power–sharing government in Northern Ireland. He has interviewed two US Presidents, three Irish Presidents, four British Prime Ministers and five Irish Prime Ministers. He was commended by the Irish press for “the historical accuracy and political sensitivity” of his commentary on the Queen’s historic visit to Ireland (2011). More recently, he has reported the gangland feud in Dublin, the centenary of the Irish Rising, the death of Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness, Brexit implications for Ireland and the DUP influence in the minority government at Westminster. 

Prior to joining Sky, David worked as a reporter for various local and national newspapers and was a newsreader/reporter on independent radio in Northern Ireland. Outside of work, he is an accomplished pianist and has actively volunteered with a humanitarian aid agency in East Africa many times. He holds a diploma in journalism and an honours degree in theology. David is married to Ruth and they have three teenagers. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks, swimming and reading

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