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Roger Warnock - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Roger Warnock

CEO, Bytes. Ireland

Roger is one of Ireland’s leading social innovators and was awarded the Nesta/Observer New Radical Award in July 2016 for his research and design work for the Book Reserve supporting young ex–offenders in Belfast. He also has over 20 years’ hands–on business experience and a successful record in social innovation research and design work, government policy development (National UK and NI Assembly), social enterprise start–up, inclusive leadership, collaboration and strategic marketing. He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration (Strategic Marketing) from the University of Ulster, a Diploma in Management Consulting (Institute of Consulting) and is a Chartered Manager (Chartered Management Institute).

Roger currently manages his professional time between Bytes and the Young Foundation – one of the world’s leading social innovation think–tanks where he is the Programme Lead for Ireland. Prior to this he served in a variety of senior roles in business government and social enterprise sectors.

Roger’s key specialisms are corporate social innovation and research in entrepreneurship and innovation which he is recognised for internationally. He has also advised on senior pieces of research at Cabinet Level within the British government.

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