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Stephanie Heckman - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Stephanie Heckman

Visualisation Facilitator / Graphic Recorder

I am Stéphanie Heckman, a creative professional hailing from the Dutch blonde dune coast. An inborn fondness of landscape, language and legacy drove me to venture from the Netherlands to California, Sweden and Northern Ireland in recent years, where I combined my passions with academic and professional training in social science research, leadership development, and sustainability consultancy.

I am a spokesperson for the rising generation, deriving my drive from the global currents of ecological awareness, organisational transformation and social empowerment, juxtaposed against our pandemic of callousness in the face of overconsumption, political polarisation and social injustice.

Energised by the challenge to engage and reconcile these opposing forces, I employ my skills in the roles of visualiser/graphic recorder and events producer. In addition, I am a singer–songwriter released under the name Soma Saloli, and published travel essayist.

I am currently based amidst the landscape, language and legacy of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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