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Rebecca Torrance Jenkins - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Rebecca Torrance Jenkins

Academic Lead, Neurofiles Project

Rebecca is the academic lead for the NeuroFiles project, which she co–founded. With a background in teaching and a PhD in educational neuroscience, she helps schools understand how pupils’ brains actually learn, and how the ability to learn is affected by amultitude of factors including stress and the environment. If teachers don’t know how brains learn, how can they teach pupil’s brains to their fullest potential? How can pupils achieve if they don’t understand how their brains’ learn?

She has published several academic papers on the practical application of neuroscience and psychology in the classroom, so that schools can use her research in ‘real life’.

For the last four years Rebecca has dedicated herself to taking evidence from neuroscience and psychology into some of the most deprived schools in the North West, and making real changes to pupils’ lives.

Rebecca features in the book 100 Stories, 100 Women: Stories to Uplift, Empower and Inspire, and she is a finalist in the upcoming She Inspires Awards for Education.

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