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Brent Pope - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Brent Pope

TV Sports Pundit + Positive Mental Health Advocate

Brent Pope is a New Zealand born rugby television analyst, rugby journalist, charity worker, children’s book author, after dinner speaker, founder of Outside in Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland and owner of POPE shirts and shoes. He was born, raised and spent his rugby playing career in New Zealand, but has lived and worked in Ireland for most of his broadcasting career, where he is one of RTE’s most popular pundits.  

Brent is also the curator of a popular art gallery for mental health artists called The Outside in Art Gallery, and has a movie script entitled Coming out to play listed with a major movie production company. He is involved in several mental health charities, and is an ambassador for St. Patrick’s Hospital Walk in My Shoes, Cycle Against Suicide, and RTÉ’s people of the year among many others.


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