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Liam Cunningham - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Liam Cunningham's Profile Image

Liam Cunningham

Actor and Activist

Liam Cunningham is an Irish stage and screen actor. He is best known for playing Davos Seaworth in the HBO epic–fantasy series Game of Thrones. In other roles Liam has been nominated for the London Film Critics’ Circle Award, the British Independent Film Award, has won two Irish Film & Television Awards, and shared a BAFTA with Michael Fassbender, for their crime–drama short film Pitch Black Heist.

Born and raised in Dublin, Liam worked and spent time in Africa. His work now includes support for World Vision Ireland (part of Global World Vision, the biggest children’s charity in the world). He currently resides in Dublin with his wife and three children. In 2015, Cunningham was one of over 100 artists who signed a letter to The Guardian announcing support for a cultural boycott of Israel.


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