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Kathleen O’Toole - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Previously on TGS
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Kathleen O’Toole

Deputy Director, Trinity Access Programme – bringing third level education to marginalised young people

Kathleen arrived in Trinity in 1997 to undertake post–graduate study, and soon realised she had found a ‘good’ place. Now the Deputy Director of TAP, she is privileged to help open up education in Trinity to non–traditional students. 

Kathleen gets to be part of the success story of numerous students’ lives who previously would not have gained entry to third–level education. Students who, at one time would have been seen as marginalised, financially ignored, disadvantaged or not ‘appropriate’. Such students are now being wound into the system, and are able to benefit from a great education.  

These students and their experiences are a distinct part of Trinity’s success story to date and are helping our campus and the wider community to become an even better place. 


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