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A day for schools pupils to learn and be inspired about positive health, and experiencing it by getting into the Surf!!!

Two amazing organizations who care passionately about young people, wellness and a positive world, combine to bring an unparalleled opportunity to schools in 2022. 

‘The GOOD Surf Day’, connects the inspiration and education of THE GOOD SUMMIT with the amazing professionalism and joy of THE SURF PROJECT. Both parties carry out important work for schools around Ireland, in this venture, they are simply doing their work together!

Your school can send pupils (50 pupils per event) for a day on the beach that incorporates a seminar with TGS connected speakers on positive mental health, and also incorporates a SURF lesson for everyone involved! A surfers lunch, as well as all equipment necessary is provided!


2nd March 2022
9th March 2022
30th March 2022
6th April 2022
7th April 2022


Dates & Example Day

2nd March 2022
9th March 2022
30th March 2022
6th April 202
27th April 2022

Arrive at Portrush Surf Project (or arranged beach location) Register. 

10.00am – 12.30am
The SURF lesson. Get changed, have surf lesson, experience the Surf

12.30pm – 1.30pm

1.30pm –3.00pm
THE GOOD SUMMIT seminar on positive mental health and Wholeness 

More Info

The positive mental health and wholeness seminar will be led by professionals in the field and will also include an interview with speakers regularly connected to THEGOOD SUMMIT.and will be hosted by The Good Summit co–founder Jools Hamilton. 

Surf lessons are carried out and supervised by trained surf lifeguards and trainers employed through THE SURF PROJECT 

Cost will be €45 (£40) per pupil. Staff go free. 

The Small Print:

All surf + water activities will be carried out by trained and certified professionals. Seminar facilitation will like–wise be carried out 

Overnight accommodation can be organized in The Surf Project connected guest house in Portrush (with up to 30 spaces available at £20 per person B+B)

Private arrangements for a single school are possible if dates and numbers work (please contact for a conversation) 


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