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Watch TGS 2020
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World Health Innovation Summit

What did we learn?
A live Webinar 27th October 2021

Seminars hosted by Pat Kenny + Ivana Bacik TD

The event will be live–streamed from the 1798 chapel in Trinity College with a small invite–only audience present, alongside the presenters. Attendees will be online. This special seminar is a partnership between The Good Summit + The World Health Innovation Summit, and is primarily directed at those with a professional interest in the issues being raised. This event will certainly be ‘Health professionals talking to health professionals,’ and will be especially relevant to those studying toward a career in the medical / global health arenas. The conversations will provide details of latest thinking and practice in the areas being discussed, and will provide inspiration to the general public as well as medical professionals. 

2.05pm – 2.50pm: ‘What has science taught us?’


What has the last 18 months of global pandemic taught us about the state of global health, the state of scientific advance, the state of social awareness and the state of medical advance? What needs to be learned and remembered as we move toward a new phase of understanding the previous months, and how can social realities add to understandings of GOOD advance in scientific development? 

  • Prof Luke O'Neill

    Prof Luke O'Neill

    Immunologist TCD

  • Assistant Prof Ann Nolan

    Assistant Prof Ann Nolan

    Global Health TCD

  • Pat Kenny

    Pat Kenny


  • Prof Ian Young

    Prof Ian Young

    Chief Scientific Officer, Northern Ireland

3.05pm – 3.50pm – ‘Good Health + Well Being’


What does it really mean to have GOOD Health and Well Being as a normal sociological states of being? What role might social prescribing play in such a discussion, and how can we know if medical advances in science are truly making their way toward marginalised communities? 

  • Prof Clíona Ní Cheallaigh

    Prof Clíona Ní Cheallaigh

    Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine physician TCD

  • Gareth Presch

    Gareth Presch

    Founder WHIS

  • Assistant Prof Orlagh Hegarty

    Assistant Prof Orlagh Hegarty

    Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy UCD

  • Ivana Bacik

    Ivana Bacik


  • James Sanderson

    James Sanderson

    Director of Personalised Care at NHS England and NHS Improvement

4.05pm – 4.50pm – Digital Health


What part is technology playing in bringing modern medicine to more people? How are technological developments shaping the future of healthcare, and how can partnerships between science, industry and health practitioners lead to innovation that is GOOD for all? A timely and vital discussion!

  • Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca,

    Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca,

    Global Social Prescribing Alliance Clinical Champion;

  • Roland Schatz

    Roland Schatz

    CEO UNGSII (BMZ, Digital Africa)

  • David John Kerr

    David John Kerr

    Digital Specialist | Accessibility Ambassador & Disability-Rights Advocate

  • Pat Kenny

    Pat Kenny


5.05pm – 5.50pm – Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Global Health


How have the latest months challenged / changed questions of gender equality around the globe? What conversations need to take place to bring further GOOD change and positive social transformation within issues that surround female health care and equality in global health?

  • Deirdre Carbery

    Deirdre Carbery

    Chair World Health Innovation Summit Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Group

  • Sharon Morrow

    Sharon Morrow

    Director, Congenital Heart Disease Network, National Children’s Hospital Group

  • Ivana Bacik

    Ivana Bacik


  • Professor Christine Cross

    Professor Christine Cross

    Head of Department, Work and Employment Studies, Kemmy Business School, UL

This important event continues the goal of The Good Summit to celebrate Common Good in the world and create more of it. Partnering with The World Health Innovation Summit is an amazing opportunity for deeper learning around the distribution of vital life–saving global community health.

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